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How to name your domain correctly?

First step is to buy your domain with a registrar. Hosting account better be separate because that gives you a choice of switching later.
Big companies sometimes block a domain transfer and all the security reasons for delay are not always just that. If nothing else consider that possibility valid enough for separating your domain register from your web hosting account.
Knowing that domain name can consist of only 67 characters you recognized your first given limitation.
Second step is to start looking for topics that are closely connected with nature of your business. It can be pet, dog, cat, hamster, food, toys, store etc.
Smart way to approach it would be to choose the plural form for words. Such as:,,
You can add some words before of after the name you picked. For example:,
Hyphenated names can be confusing because as and addition hyphens can be forgotten and as such creates a problem
You have to have something that is keyword rich and easily tracked by search engines..
Third step consist of getting a proper ending. The most common choice is .com or .net or .org. These three can guarantee good standing with search engines. Avoid .info domains. Search engines do not like to deal with these as much as they like the previous three.
When you are done with all the steps keep up the good work and register as a private domain. Private domain come for free or price range is up to 6 $. Your contact details will remain secret as they should be. Difference in price is absolutely insignificant (add 2 more $ to all the costs) but your gain is priceless. It is of utter importance to avoid the chance that somebody will get all your data with just simple look in.

Different ways of monetizing wordpress blogs

blog monetization

blog monetization

Hot question these days is how to make money with websites. The biggest chunk of the question is how to do it by using online advertising.
Some simply belive that plain placemnet of Google adsense or any advertising on your blog will just start producing money. It is simplification and illusion. You cannot sell any product if you do not have customers. It is exactly the same with blogs. Money can be made on advertising only if there is a base of customers that come to your site.
First step in monetizing is content. If you are offering interesting and new stuff people will be coming and they will continue to do so. Visitors have to learn that there is something worth visiting on your blog.
You can achive that with either posting few fresh blog posts every day, selling products and having a niche where the essence of your blog will raise and eventually be enriched with advertising.

Some of the methods in advertising on your Word press blog are:

Brokered Ads. For this you need an impressive number of visitors. It will cut down your work significatly because brokers dispaly their ads and you do not have to deal with neither billing nor technical issues,

Text link Ads. When you have properly optimized and highly ranked blog (on particular page) broker can be used again. If you do not want it that way, you can sell the adds yourself

Affiliate Ads. You simply choose affiliates that match your audience

Contextual Advertising (Adsense). It displays ads based on keywords from the page or your blogs category.

It is a first article in series that intends to help you monetize your blog.

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